If you want to avoid heart attack, then do this work daily, your heart will be very happy


Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack: The number of people dying of heart attack is increasing day by day all over the world. Not only the elderly, but young children are also becoming victims of heart attack. According to WHO, there are 1.28 billion people in the whole world whose BP is increased. Only 46 percent of them are people who know that they have blood pressure disease. If you want to avoid heart attack, then take special care of yourself from the beginning. Especially take special care of your diet and lifestyle, you will always be safe from heart attack. For this you just have to add less salt in your food.

These are the benefits of eating less salt
According to the news of ANI, in a report published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, it has been said that if you eat salt after thinking carefully, then future heart attack can be avoided. By doing this, the risk of heart failure and ischemic heart disease also remains low. Nowadays people are following hypertension diet in their diet, if gradually reduce the amount of salt in food, many types of diseases related to heart can be avoided.

There are many disadvantages of eating too much salt.

According to research, one should not eat too much salt in heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure. If you eat more salt and it will increase the amount of sodium in the body, then it is very dangerous for your body.

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According to a university professor, people who eat less salt in their food and why not, no matter what their lifestyle is. They reduce the risk of heart disease or heart attack. This research has been done on 1.76 lakh people.

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