If you keep these things in mind, you will not have an incident like Chandigarh University, adopt this trick


Chandigarh University Latest News: The case of leaking video of girl students taking bath in Chandigarh University is increasing. At present, the police have arrested a girl and her boyfriend for leaking the video. According to the news, this girl has made such videos of 60 girls, while the university administration is denying this. This incident has once again raised the question that how girls should keep themselves, their privacy or private moments safe.

There is a lot of talk about such dangers in hotels, restaurants and change rooms, but now this danger will reach even in colleges and hostels, it was not expected. However, we are going to tell you some tricks, keeping in mind that you will not have to face such a situation and no one will be able to make your video.

Find spy camera like this

If you are out of your house and are using the bathroom, changeroom, then you should keep some things in mind at all times. With this, you will be able to know in time whether there is a spy camera or if someone is secretly recording you. The things that you should keep in mind are as follows.

1. Check for suspicious items yourself

If you have gone to an unknown place or are in a hotel room, then first of all, thoroughly investigate all the suspicious things present in that room. Check each and every item and see if there is a hidden camera inside them. Nowadays cameras are very small which you will not see, but whatever the camera is, it definitely has a lens, so focus more on the lens while checking these items. If a lens is seen somewhere in the middle, then understand that it can be a spy camera. Remove it immediately or cover it with a cloth.

Things you must check include night lamp, skylight, gate handle, flower pot, tableware, clock, smoke detector, AC power adapter, alarm sensor, telephone wall clock, fancy wall lights or ceiling There may be small chandeliers attached. If going to the bathroom, then take a good look at the mirror, glass, toothbrush holder, light, water flush, window, towed holder, tap etc. If you see anything like a lens in any of these things, then get alerted immediately.

2. Flash light also helpful

Your phone can be very effective in finding hidden cameras. With the reflection of the flashlight, you can detect the spy camera hidden behind the glass. For this trick, you have to first turn off the light of that room. After this turn on the flash light from the mobile. Now if the spy camera is fitted inside a mirror or accessories, then you will see its blink light i.e. the light with the lens. In this way you can find out whether there is a camera or not.

3. Darkness will help

Although no one likes darkness and no one would like to live in a dark room, but the darkness can help you find out the spy camera. You turn off all the lights in the room and make it completely dark. Now take a good look at the room. If there is a camera somewhere, then you will be able to see the blinking light of its lens or camera, which you will never see in the light. If you are having trouble in the dark, then turn on the camera of your phone and check every corner and stuff.

4. Can also know with finger

If there is a mirror in the bathroom or bedroom, then the camera can be installed behind it too. To check whether there is a camera inside, follow this trick. You place your finger on the mirror. After placing the finger on the mirror, there is a gap between your real finger and the finger visible in the mirror, then things are fine. That is, the mirror is original, but if there is no gap, then understand that there is a camera inside.

5. Keep these things in mind too

Above, we have told you some tricks, but apart from all these tricks, you should also pay attention to some other things yourself. Especially when you are changing clothes or taking a bath. Check the gate, window and fancy roof properly in the bathroom. If any part is getting damaged from anywhere, then be alert. Maybe someone is watching you through the camera. The danger does not necessarily have to be inside the room itself. In many cases, people make videos of bathroom or changing rooms even standing from outside through a window or gate opening.

You should focus on the window to avoid this situation. If the window is closed and a shadow is visible, get alerted immediately. If the window is neither completely closed nor fully open, then someone is watching you. So be alert.

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