If you also do helicopter parenting, then be careful… the child can deteriorate instead of improving


Helicopter Parenting: Parenting, rearing, upbringing are three different words but they mean the same thing. To say this parenting starts when a child is born, but in reality this parenting starts from the mother’s womb itself. Every parent wants to raise their child very well. To walk him, to teach him, to feed him, to behave him and to stand by him in every difficulty is all parenting. Many parents are very protective about their children. Whether my child is in wrong company, whether he is studying or not, whether he is lying or not, there are many such things that parents do, their concern sometimes goes to a very different level.

Caring, worrying and admonishing children again and again is a sign of a good parent, but sometimes parents start interfering excessively in the lives of children. This is what we call helicopter parenting. The term helicopter parenting was first used in Dr. Heim Ginot’s 1969 book Parents and Teenagers. This clearly means that hovering over the heads of the children like a helicopter all the time, neither giving freedom nor giving space. Doing this can harm him instead of giving him good upbringing.

We are not saying this, but this is what research says. Many parents think that such strict parenting will improve their children, but it works opposite. In such a situation, children can be stubborn, argue with you Will do. Now there are parents, so they will be worried about the future of their children. And this is where helicopter parenting begins. Many times parents are so eager about the development and future of their children that without knowing the mind of the children, they themselves get involved in that work.

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Reasons for helicopter parenting

  • due to concern for children’s future
  • For getting good marks in college and exam
  • So that the children get the desired college
  • So that the child does not get into any wrong company

Disadvantages of Helicopter Parenting

  • This affects the development of the child. That is, children are not able to develop skills. In helicopter painting, parents involve themselves in every problem of the children, in such a way the child never gets time to solve that problem by himself.
  • Such children get used to their parents and they are not able to take any decision ahead of themselves. Children are not able to advocate for themselves, so many times they are left behind.
  • Sometimes during helicopter parenting, bad thoughts towards parents can arise in the minds of children. Children start to feel that their parents have kept them imprisoned.
  • Children start running away from responsibilities, because they have never done any work on their own, dependency increases.

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