If the mother eats food cooked in microwave, then there may be birth defects in the child


Long Term Effects Of Microwave: Nowadays most of the homes have a microwave. People use microwave for most of the tasks from heating food to cooking. It is true that the way the food is heated in the microwave, the same time it is not able to heat on the gas. From cakes to cookies, many other things are made quickly in the microwave, but there are more disadvantages than the advantages of microwave. Cooking in the microwave takes less time and effort, but keep in mind that your health is also being played with. Especially pregnant women should not eat food cooked in microwave. This can lead to congenital diseases in the child.

Why is microwave harmful?
Cooking or heating food in the microwave is injurious to your health. Food is heated in the microwave at high radiation. Due to this the nutritious elements of the food are destroyed. At the same time, the bacterial balance present in the food also gets spoiled.

Why is microwave harmful for pregnant women?
Microwave should not be used during pregnancy. This affects the development of the child. Due to this there is a risk of many types of congenital diseases. This increases the risk of disability in the child. At the same time, mother’s milk heated in the microwave should also not be given to the child.

Microwave diseases
1- By eating hot food or cooked food in the microwave, you can quickly get wrinkles on the skin and aging starts appearing.
2- Digestive problems start occurring by eating food made in microwave.
3- Due to this your immunity gradually starts weakening.
4- The effect of microwave also affects your eyes, it can cause cataract.
5- Hot lentils, milk and plastic food heated in the microwave increase the risk of cancer.
Vitamin B-12 is destroyed at the high temperature of the microwave.
7- The use of microwave is also dangerous for heart and cholesterol patients.
8- Microwave also has an effect on the brain. This affects memory, thinking ability and concentration.

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