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jewelry cleaningJewelry is a treasure for women. The more they get it, the less it is for them. Every woman wants to have an amazing jewelry collection. Women wear jewelry on different functions. The love for jewelry increases when you buy it by yourself or together with your husband. Today we are going to share some tips to ensure that the jewelery bought with the hard work of you and your husband does not fade away and it continues to shine for years. Actually, this happens when you use them for any function or party, then the shine of the jewelery starts to fade due to coming in contact with dust and soil. Sometimes the wrongly kept jewelery also starts getting tarnished. Know today how you can maintain its shine for years.

keep these things in mind

buy the best storage box

Most of us keep our jewelery in simple plastic or zip lock bags or cloth pouches which accelerate the oxidation process. Due to this, the shine of the jewelery starts decreasing. If this does not happen, buy an air tight jewelry box and invest well in it. Also buy a box in which there is space for all your jewellery. It should not happen that the box is small and it gets damaged by rubbing and scratching each other. Most importantly, after removing the accessories, always wipe them with a dry tissue or cloth while keeping them.

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liquid jewelry cleaner

When you use jewelry in different functions, it comes in contact with dust, dirt, etc., due to which its shine starts reducing. If you do not clean them on time, dust keeps on accumulating on the jewelry and the shine reduces. That’s why it is important that you keep cleaning your jewelery with a mild liquid cleaner. Liquid cleaners are easily available in the market and can clean jewelry in no time. You can do this work even before going to an event.

polishing cloth

These days polishing cloths are easily available in the market which are disposable. With this cloth, you can remove stains, fingerprints, dirt, scratches, oil stains, etc. from the jewellery. While cleaning the ornaments, keep in mind that do not clean them with speed or by applying pressure. Rather gently scrub in light motion.

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