How different is this auction from last season, know what will be the rules and who is the auctioneer this year


IPL Auction 2023: There are barely three days left for the auction of the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This time the auction is to be held in Kochi and for this all the teams have geared up. Last season, a huge auction was held in two days, but this time the matter is going to be a bit different. Let us know how different this auction will be as compared to the previous season and what will be the rules in it.

How different is this season’s auction from last season?

The auction that took place last season was a mega auction and two new teams participated in it, but this time the mini auction is happening. Last season 1214 players took part in the auction, but this season only 405 players have been shortlisted for the auction. A total of 204 players were sold in that auction, but this time there is space left for only 87 players including all the teams. Last season’s auction was held in two days, but this time the auction will end in a single day.

What will be the rules for the auction this time?

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Each franchisee is allowed to spend 75 percent of the entire budget. Unlike previous years, there will be no Right to Match (RTM) card option in the IPL 2023 auction. Each franchise can include a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25 players in its team.

Who will conduct the auction this time?

Like last season, this time also England’s famous Hugh Edmeads will conduct the auction. Last season, on the first day, he suddenly fell unconscious while conducting the auction, after which Charu Sharma was immediately called for the auction. Despite getting very little time, Charu conducted the auction in a grand manner and the admirals also recovered after first aid.

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