How can you avoid dengue mosquito? The season is on it’s good to be careful


Dengue: With the change in weather, there is a danger of spreading many diseases. In the month of September-October, the risk of spreading diseases like dengue, malaria is very high. Especially the cases of dengue are increasing continuously. Not only this, this time the outbreak of new variants of dengue is spreading very fast in India, due to which there has been a lot of concern among the people. Concerns are being raised about dengue because at present there is no vaccine to prevent it. Due to the lack of a vaccine to fight against dengue, preventing dengue is a challenging task.

what is the name of dengue mosquito

Dengue infection is spread through the bite of a specific type of mosquito. It is not spread by the bites of ordinary mosquitoes, so its maintenance is quite difficult. Dengue is spread through the bite of Aedes female mosquito. To avoid this dreadful disease, you need extra care.

When does the dengue mosquito bite? – What is the time of the dengue mosquito bite?

Most experts say that dengue mosquitoes are often active during the day. That is, during the day, the chances of getting bitten by this mosquito are more. Especially a few hours before sunrise and a few hours before sunset, the chances of this mosquito bite are high. However, it is not at all like that this mosquito does not bite you after sunset.

Where does dengue mosquito bite

The dengue mosquito usually bites more on the knees and ankles. Keep in mind that mosquito bites can give you many other diseases besides dengue. Therefore, if you see the symptoms of dengue, consult a doctor immediately.

How many days after dengue mosquito bite does fever come?

Symptoms can appear between 4 and 10 days after a dengue mosquito bite. However, health experts say that the symptoms of dengue can appear immediately after a mosquito bite.

When should the dengue test be done?

Get the dengue test done immediately after showing the symptoms of dengue. So that its treatment can be started on time. Also, try not to ignore it if there is a fever for a long time.

how to defend

  • Wear full clothes before leaving the house.
  • Always sleep with a mosquito net.
  • If you see the symptoms of dengue, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Do not allow children to leave the house in the evening.

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