HDFC Bank credit card users beware, rules from fee structure to reward points will change


HDFC Credit Card: HDFC Bank, the country’s largest private bank issuing credit cards, has changed the reward policy. If you have been taking various types of rewards by paying with credit card, then definitely read the change in reward points once. Reward points have been capped on all cards. On the other hand, reward points will not be available on normal cards on payments related to government payments, rent payments, education.

HDFC Bank’s credit card fees will also change
Also, the bank has changed the fee structure of some of its select credit cards. The bank informed its customers through a message that the new changes in the Hamfi structure and reward point program will come into effect from January 1, 2023. Changes in reward points have been explained in point 6 on the bank’s website. According to the bank, the reward point program on your HDFC Bank Credit Card will be something like this.

Major Changes in Reward Points

  1. 1,50,000 reward points on Infinia, 75,000 on Diners Black and 50,000 on all other cards in a calendar month on flight and hotel bookings.
  2. Reward points on Tanishq vouchers will be limited to 50,000 per calendar month on Infinia cards.
  3. Reward points on cash back redemptions will be limited to 3,000 per calendar month
  4. Redemption of Reward Points on select products and vouchers will be limited to 70% of the total value.
  5. There will be no reward points on rent payments. Reward points will not be available on payment from the rest of the cards except for a few cards on government transactions. Rewards on transactions related to education have also been limited.
  6. Reward points on grocery transactions will also be limited per calendar month.

Along with this, the bank has also changed the fee structure on payment. Its information has also been given to the customers through messages and on the bank’s website.

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Variation on Rent Payments

HDFC has said in its website that rent payments made through third party merchants will attract a fee of 1 percent of the total transaction amount. This fee will be levied from the second rental transaction in the calendar month.

International Transaction Charge

The website states that 1 percent dynamic and static conversion markup fee will be charged if you make an in-store or online transaction abroad or make a payment to a merchant based in India who is registered abroad.

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