Green chillies give trouble in eating, but if you eat in this way, you get benefit, these people should eat


Green Chilli Benefits: Green chillies are definitely there in the kitchen of every house. The taste of food is incomplete without chillies. Similarly people in India like spicy and tasty food in which green chili plays an important role. People eat green chillies raw or by adding tempering to the vegetable. It not only makes food tasty but also has many health benefits.

Many types of nutrients are found in green chillies, including potassium, copper, iron, vitamins A, B6, C, proteins and carbohydrates etc. Along with this, healthy things like beta carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein-zeaxanthin etc. are present in it. Generally people think that green chillies are used only to enhance the taste but, it is not so. It also has many health benefits. Many researches claim that eating green chilies can get rid of health problems.

These are advantages more than one

Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantity in green chillies, which helps other vitamins to be absorbed in the body. Also it is good for our skin.
Green chili is also beneficial for the digestive system. Dietary fibers are found in abundance in green chillies, due to which the digestion process remains smooth.
Vitamin A is found in green chillies which is good for eyes and skin.
Green chilies act as a mood booster. It communicates endorphins in our brain due to which our mood remains pleasant.
It has been revealed in many studies that green chillies are helpful in reducing blood sugar.
Green chillies have antibacterial properties due to which the body remains free from bacteria. Along with this, the immunity system is also strengthened by its use.
Green chillies contain capsaicin which is good for heart diseases. Along with this, green chili also relieves sinus problems.

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how much green chili should be eaten in a day

Although green chillies have many health benefits, but consuming them in excess is harmful. A healthy person can eat 3 to 4 green chilies in a day. Eating more green chillies than this can harm the body. The same people who have the problem of burning sensation should eat chillies at least.

consume like this

You can eat green chili after roasting it in a vegetable.
You can eat green chillies while eating bread, vegetables or rice.
If you do not want to eat green chillies by chewing them, then you can also eat it by mixing it in curd.

the best way

Actually, many people eat green chillies after roasting them in dal, raita, vegetables etc. Even though you get taste from this, but the nutrients present in green chillies are destroyed. You can do this occasionally for taste but, the best would be to eat green chillies raw so that you can get full benefit of the nutrients present in it.

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