Garuda Purana: 36 types of hells are mentioned in Garuda Purana, know what kind of punishment is given in which hell


Garuda Purana, Naraka and Punishment: Death is an unchanging truth, which no one can change. Whatever good or bad deeds you do in life, whether you are rich or poor, sinful or charitable, everyone’s death is certain. But the question is what happens to the soul after death. There are different ideologies regarding this. Garuda Purana is one such book in the 18 Mahapuranas of Sanatan Hinduism, in which the description of death and the events after death is found. It is also called Vaishnava Purana. It has been explained in detail by Lord Vishnu that after death, what kind of souls get salvation and who has to suffer the punishment of hell.

In the Garuda Purana, it has been told about the situation after death that whatever actions a person performs on earth, he gets the same result in the hereafter. According to the karma, the soul of a person is sent to heaven or hell by Yamraj. Some 36 types of hell have been told in Garuda Purana, in which different types of harsh punishments are given.

36 types of hell and punishment (Types of Naraka and Punishment)

  • Mahavichi , Those who kill a cow are thrown into a place full of blood. Where big thorns prick the soul.
  • Kumbhipak- Those who usurp someone’s land or kill a Brahmin, their souls are thrown into the sand blazing with fire in this hell.
  • Raurav- Such people who give false testimony during their lifetime are crushed like a reed in this hell.
  • Manjus- Those who make innocent prisoners are burnt in this hell by putting them in burning bars.
  • unrecognizable Such people who harm or destroy religious persons are thrown upside down in this hell full of excreta, urine and pus.
  • filer– Those Brahmins who drink alcohol. They are thrown into this burning fire of lacquer.
  • Mahaprabh- Those who create differences between husband and wife or get them separated. Such a sinful soul is put into this hell and pierced with a prong.
  • Jubilee This hell is a huge rock. In this, people who make physical relations with other women are buried under it.
  • Shalmali– This is a hell full of burning thorns. In this, those women who make relations with other men have to embrace the burning Shalmali tree.
  • Maharaurav– Such people who set fire to someone’s farm, barn, village and house, they are cooked in this hell for ages.
  • Kadmal– Such people who do not perform Panchayagya in their life are thrown into this hell full of faeces, urine and blood.

Similarly Tamisra, Asipatra, Karambhaaluka, Kakol, Tilapak, Mahvat Mahabhim, Tailpak, Vajrakpat, Niruchhvas, Andgropachay, Mahapayi, Mahajwal, Krakach, Gudpak, Churdhar, Ambareesh, Vajrakuthar, Paritabh, Kalasutra, Kashmal, Uragandha, Durdhar and Vajramahapeer. Hell is mentioned in Garuda Purana, in which there is a provision of different and severe punishment for the sinful soul.

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