Food In Oven: Do not heat these things in microwave oven even by mistake, the effect is directly on health


Health Tips: If you are fond of hot food, then you need to be alert. Who does not like hot food. Especially whether at home or office everyone wants hot food. Oven is used to heat the food. Which can cause diseases for you. People use oven nowadays for their convenience. Food in the oven heats up very quickly. But according to experts, food should not be heated again and again. Always try to have fresh food. By repeatedly heating the food, the number of bacteria starts increasing in it, due to which the food becomes toxic and in the case of oven, the risk increases. Here we are going to tell you about such food which you should not heat in the oven even by mistake.


Rice should not be heated in the oven. Rice gets cold very soon and its taste also reduces. To preserve this taste, rice is often heated in the oven. But this increases the risk of bacterial growth.


If you reheat potato curry in the oven, you should immediately stop doing so. The hot environment in potatoes increases the risk of bacterial growth to a great extent. Due to which you can also become a victim of food poisoning.


If you are fond of eating eggs and you do not like cold eggs, due to which you reheat them, do not do this, it can prove to be harmful to your health. By heating the egg in the oven, bacteria grow rapidly in it and your stomach can get upset.


If you are also a lover of eating chicken, then you should keep in mind that you should not heat the chicken in the oven and eat it again. Many people make chicken in large quantities and keep it overnight and reheat it the next day in the morning and during the day. According to the reports, it is absolutely wrong to do so. You are consuming poison because of your hobby of eating hot chicken. By heating chicken, the protein present in it turns into toxic. Due to which you can get food poisoning. If you do not want to throw the chicken, then you can heat it on low flame.

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