FLY Festival: Flight tickets are 3 times more expensive during the festive season, seats are not available in trains


FLY Festival September 2022 : The festive season is going on across the country. Next month is Diwali on 24th October and after 6 days the first Arghya of Chhath will be given. In such a situation, people from far and wide take the help of Indian Railways and Air Tour to reach their ancestral home. But in this festive season, you are not getting a confirmed railway ticket due to the huge crowd. The same air travel ticket has become 3 times more expensive.

what is the condition 
Let us tell you that the demand for long distance tickets in Indian Railways has increased a lot. This jump in the fare of tickets in the same train is on every route. As soon as religious festivals come in the country, the air fares start touching the sky. 

Going to Bihar became difficult 
Let us tell you that the biggest impact in the country is on the route going from Delhi to Bihar. Airfare on this route is running almost 3 times more expensive. The fare of Indigo aircraft from Delhi to Patna on October 22 is about 15 thousand rupees.

this is the reason 
Tell you that Diwali and Chhath are festivals. In such a situation, due to the increase in the demand for tickets, there has been an increase in the fare. This jump in the fare of tickets in the train is on every route. There is no confirmed ticket in important long distance trains between Delhi-Patna. Even where tickets are available, there is heavy waiting.

See how much is the airfare  
According to the air ticket service app, the fare of all the flights coming from Delhi to Patna on October 22 is beyond Rs.11 thousand. The lowest fare on this day is Rs 11,940 in Vistara’s Delhi-Patna flight. The fare in Air India’s Delhi-Patna flight is Rs 12,885. At the same time, the fare on October 19 is between 6500 to 7500 on the Delhi-Patna route. For rest of the days the fare on this route is around 5100.

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