Elon Musk lost $ 63 billion in 24 hours, wealth reduced by $ 123 billion in a year


Elon Musk Net Worth: Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Tesla CEO Elon Musk) has seen a huge decline in wealth. According to Bloomberg’s report, on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, there has been a loss of $ 7.7 billion i.e. $ 63 billion. This loss is due to the increased fall in Tesla’s shares. Its shares were at the lowest level of October in a single day.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index report, Elon Musk currently has a net worth of $147.7 billion, which is at the lowest level in two years. The sharp decline in Musk’s wealth comes after his acquisition of Twitter in October and now the automaker’s spiraling shares pose a particular risk to Musk.

Tesla shares at two-year low

Talking about Tesla shares, its shares fell by 8.05 per cent on Wednesday, while its shares fell by 6 per cent on Tuesday. With this decline, Tesla shares have reached a two-year low of $ 137.80. Tesla company’s shares have fallen 60 percent this year. Experts believe that this fall in Tesla shares is due to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Number one crown removed from Elon Musk’s head

Last year itself, Elon Musk sold 3.58 billion, after which his wealth declined. With this decline, Elon Musk has come second in the list of the world’s richest person. Now their total assets are 148 billion dollars. Musk raised an amount of $ 40 billion by selling 3.58 billion shares.

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Elon Musk lost property worth $123

Bernard Arnault has now become the richest person in the world after Elon Musk came second on 13 December. Elon Musk has lost an amount of $ 123 this year. Whereas during 2021, Musk had increased wildly.

According to a Reuters report, investors are concerned that Musk may need to sell more shares to fund Twitter. This can cause more damage to Tesla.

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