Eating pizza burger can invite this big disease


Side Effect Of Pizza Burger: Are you also fond of eating fast food and whenever you feel like ordering pizza burger or french fries from Zomato or Swiggy? So next time before doing this, you must think about this article once, because today we are going to tell you about the serious illness caused by these fast food items. We are not saying this but recently research has revealed that consuming ultra processed food can increase the risk of cancer.

What does research say

According to a research done in Brazil, ultra-processed foods are eaten a lot nowadays, while the body does not need such food. People include it in their diet just for their convenience and taste. Such food items have a high amount of fat, sugar content and salt. Also, there is a lack of nutrients and fiber. Research has found that 29% of men who consume ultra-processed food such as pizza burgers, items made of refined flour, have been found to be prone to cancer, while women who consume this type of food have a lower risk of colon cancer. The risk of cancer has increased by 17%.

What are ultra processed foods

Now it comes to what are ultra processed foods? So let us tell you that the use of chemical, preservative, sweetener and excessive salt is more in ultra processed food. This usually includes instant noodles, soups, ready-to-eat food items, snacks, chips, Things like cold drinks, cakes, biscuits, sweets, pizza, pasta, burgers, etc. are included. More calories are found in these and due to this the weight also starts increasing. In the research, a study was done on 23 thousand people. The death rate was found to be higher in those who consumed ultra processed food.

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