Eat this lentils daily, not milk, you will get many times more calcium


Calcium Rich Diet: As soon as the name of calcium-rich diet is taken, the first thing that comes to the mind of people is milk or dairy products. If you do not like to consume milk or milk products, then lentils can be the best option for you. By consuming lentils, not only the deficiency of calcium in the body can be removed, but it also keeps bones and teeth strong. Let us know which of the milk and lentils contains more calcium?

Which has more calcium

As soon as we take the name of calcium-rich diet, only the names of products prepared from milk come on our tongue, but in recent research, it has been told that the amount of calcium is plentiful in peeled tur ie Ahar dal. According to reports, Arhar Dal contains about 6 times more calcium than milk. According to the study, 100 grams of milk contains 125 milligrams of calcium. At the same time, more than 650 mg of calcium is found in toor dal.

Which is better milk or lentils?

The amount of calcium in tur dal is higher as compared to milk. Milk is rich in vitamins, nutrients and proteins. But calcium is more in toor dal than this. In addition, many nutrients are also found more. If you want to remove the deficiency of calcium in the body, then eat peeled toor dal. You will get more benefit from this.

How much calcium is needed throughout the day

According to health experts, our body requires 800-1000 mg of calcium throughout the day. Taking less amount of calcium than this can lead to calcium deficiency in the body. If you want that you can get enough calcium, then eat peeled Tusar Dal daily.

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