Due to fog, there is a problem in the operation of trains and flights. large number of trains canceled


Flights and Train Delays due to Dense Fog: It is getting extremely cold in the whole of North India including Delhi. Due to the thick sheet of fog, the operation of both the train and the flight is being badly affected. A large number of trains are currently running late. Along with this, Indian Railways has also decided to cancel a large number of trains. On Monday, the visibility in Delhi and surrounding states had reduced to less than 150 metres. Along with this, Railways told PTI that at least 20 trains are running late due to dense fog.

Dense fog will remain for the next five days

Talking about the airport, no flight is operating late at Delhi airport because the low visibility procedure is implemented at the airport. The visibility in Delhi was 50 meters till 5:30 am on Tuesday. Whereas in Amritsar, Ganganagar, Patiala and Lucknow the visibility was around 25 metres. Whereas in Ambala and Agra it was around 200 metres. Visibility in Patna was around 500 meters. In such a situation, ‘Low Visibility Procedure’ has been implemented for 4 hours so that there is no problem in flight operations at Delhi Airport. It is worth noting that during the fog, there is a problem in finding the runway for the flight.

In such a situation, ‘Low Visibility Procedure’ is implemented at the airport so that the landing of the flight can be made safe. At present, flights are operating smoothly in Delhi, but in the coming days, there may be problems in the operation of flights.

Railways canceled a large number of trains today.

Train is considered the lifeline of common people in India. Every day crores of passengers travel by train. Due to heavy fog falling in North India, the operation of trains is also badly affected. Apart from this, due to track repair, maintenance of trains, the Railways also decides to cancel them many times. Today, Railways has decided to cancel a total of 260 trains. With this, today a total of 24 trains have been rescheduled and 11 trains have been diverted.

Follow this process to check the list of canceled trains-

  • To check the list of canceled trains, you must first visit the official website https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/.
  • After this click on the Exceptional Trains option.
  • Now here you have to click on the list of canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains.
  • After this, you will be given the complete list here, in which you can easily check the number of your train.

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