Drone is a way of earning big money, you just have to do this work by getting a license, then income will start.


Career Prospectus As Drone Pilot: Flying a drone is not only a means of fun, it can also be earned. In the coming days, there is a good possibility of good business of drones. Whether it is to tell weather conditions, or in the field of telecommunication or to take aerial images for any other work, drones are very useful. Drones are used for both recreational and commercial purposes. According to Business Standard, by the year 2024, the drone industry can be up to Rs 900 crore.

how to start

You can take formal training to get into this field. For this, many organizations offer courses, the eligibility to join may vary according to the institute, but for most of the courses, 10th or 12th pass candidates can apply.

Some candidates enter this field even without training and learn from their experience. But they fly drones for recreational purposes and not for commercial purposes. Along with this, there is no need for professional training to fly drones in events and marriages.

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what to do for license

To become a drone pilot in India, one has to take training from an institute approved by DGCA. 12th pass candidates can apply for this. For this, the candidates have to pass the medical exam and their background is checked by the government agency.

The training period can be of two to three months and their fees can range from Rs 30,000 to Rs one lakh per month. After this, you can apply for a license in DGCA for which there is a written test.

You can do the course from here

Flytech Aviation Academy, Hyderabad

Alliance University, Anekal, Bangalore

Four Institute of Drone Technology and Research, Gurugram

Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy, Fursatganj Airfield, Amethi

Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior

The Bombay Flying Club – Juhu Airport, Mumbai

CASR Anna University – Center for Aerospace Research MIT Campus, Chennai

Get help from this site

The Government of India has launched a website named Digital Sky some time ago. With this you will get all the information about the drone, permission etc. On the map here, you will know the green, yellow and red zones as well as the flying and non-flying zones. Where drones can be flown and where not, all this will also be known here.

there are five types of drones

There are five types of drones, Nano, Micro, Small, Medium and Big drones. Permission is not required for nano and micro drones. For the rest, you will have to take permission like UIN. UIN is a unique identification number that is issued to each drone like a car or bike number. Without this you cannot fly a drone. To get this number, a fee of Rs 100 will have to be paid. This approval can be taken from Digital Sky. to know details digitalsky.dgca.gov.in Go to

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