Do you know which roti is more beneficial out of wheat-millet and maize


International Year of Millets 2023: In the year 2023, ‘Millets’ year will be organized all over the world. Since this decision of the Prime Minister, there is discussion everywhere about millets. To promote millets, millets have been kept for Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha MPs in the food received in the Parliament House on Tuesday. In which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah had also arrived to attend. PM to give it a distinct identity Narendra Modi Also had Millet special lunch with Union Minister Narendra Tomar. Ever since it was decided to celebrate Millets as the International Year in the year 2023, the Church has been making noise everywhere about Millets. Now the question arises that what are millets? Which roti is more beneficial out of wheat-millet or maize?

Which roti is more beneficial out of wheat-millet or maize?

According to Dietician Dr. Sugeeta Mutreja of Diet and Nutrition Clinic, wheat, maize or millet are all beneficial for health. Wheat flour contains fiber, vitamins and minerals, while maize flour contains more fat. On the other hand, wheat flour has more calories than maize flour. Maize flour has a warming effect whereas wheat flour has a cooling effect. Maize flour is low in sodium and carbs, while fiber is high and the most surprising thing is that it is gluten free. If we talk about wheat flour, then it contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. It can also be digested easily.

What are Millets called?

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Millets means Bajra. Millet is a kind of seed. On the one hand it is nutritious food for humans and on the other hand it is also used as fodder for animals. That’s why it is food for both humans and animals. Millets are grown more in those areas where there is drought, or more rainfall, or hilly areas. Not only this, they can be easily grown even in marginal conditions of limited soil fertility and moisture.

Millets are of two types

coarse grain
small grain cereal

Coarse grains Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, Chana, Moong can also be eaten in the form of millets. It is also known as naked grain. Bajra is one of our traditional crops. But it has reached the verge of extinction. According to the latest figures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, there has been a 60% decrease in millet cultivation in 2016-2017. The seeds of Millet crops come out in about 60-65 days and these crops get ready after ripening again within 3 months.

The list of Millets found in Bajra is very long. You will be surprised to know that so many nutrients are found in millets. Which does not happen in other things.








Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-3


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