Do not consume these 5 things even by mistake in cold and flu, you may have to pay for them


Avoid These Things In Cold And Cough: It is winter season, in such a situation people often fall ill due to cold air, nothing much but cold and cold only disturbs, and when it increases then many more problems occur, it helps in quick recovery. Why do people not do anything for cold, although due to their own mistakes, they are not able to recover from it..In the absence of information, they eat something that causes cold and flu. Let us know what causes cold and cold. Should be avoided so that the disease does not increase further.

Do not consume curd: People who have cold and cough should not eat curd, because curd has a cooling effect, so avoid consuming it. If you are consuming curd at night, then it can make phlegm, problems can increase, so do not consume curd at night even by mistake.

Avoid sour things: Sour things should be avoided in cold and cough, actually people think that sour things contain Vitamin C and it helps in increasing immunity, that’s why people consume it more. But there is no significant effect of consuming vitamin C on onset of cold, if you are consuming lemon or sour juicy fruits, then your throat can also get sore in winter.

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Stay away from junk food: Junk food is not good for health anyway, if you are eating oily and spicy things due to cold and sore throat, it can increase cough, swelling and pain in tonsils. By doing this, the whole health is damaged.

Avoid eating sweets: If you eat sweets during winter, it can cause swelling in the throat, consuming more sugar weakens immunity, so sweet things should be avoided during this time.

Avoid consumption of alcohol-Consumption of alcohol is not good for health anyway, but especially during cold and flu, drinking alcohol should be avoided because it makes your immune system weak.

Don’t use antibioticsOften people take the help of anti-biotics to get rid of it quickly when they have cold, but the cause of cold is virus, while antibiotics help in fighting bacteria,,, so you should take anti-biotics when you have cold and cold. Should not be eaten.

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