Dengue: Do not take medicines on your own in case of dengue, if you see this symptom, go to the doctor immediately


Prevention Tips for Dengue: Dengue season still continues. It starts in the rainy season i.e. in the month of July and continues till the month of October after that. Initially, this disease, which appears normal, at first brings the symptom of normal fever, but as time passes or if the treatment is wrong then it can also take a deadly form. On the other hand, if there is proper treatment of dengue on time, then the situation becomes under control. Let us know how you can recognize dengue as well as when you should seek the advice of a doctor for its treatment (Prevention Tips for Dengue).

How does dengue happen?
Dengue is caused by the bite of female Aedes aegypti mosquito. The hallmark of these dengue mosquitoes is the cheetah-like stripes in their body. These mosquitoes mostly make their prey by biting people during the day itself. It thrives in the rainy season. Actually, in this season these mosquitoes are not able to fly high.

cause of dengue outbreak
If a person gets dengue, then there is a lot of dengue virus in his blood and when this mosquito bites a dengue patient, then that virus goes inside him and the same mosquito bites someone else then he The virus spreads. Due to which another person also becomes suffering from Denbu.

Dengue diagnosis
After 3 to 5 days of mosquito bite, the patient starts getting fever. After which the disease starts growing inside the body in 10 days.

Know which doctor to show dengue patient
If you see the symptoms of dengue, you should immediately go to the physician. At the same time, take the children to the pediatrician.

what is the treatment of dengue
If the patient has a simple fever, it can be treated at home.
Initially you can give Paracetamol and Crocin on the advice of the doctor. There itself
Never give Asprin and Disprin in dengue, there are chances of platelets falling.
On the other hand, if the patient has fever up to 102 degrees, then bandages of water should be given to him.
Keep giving healthy food to the patient.
Let the patient rest.

take care
Never take any kind of antibiotic or any other type of medicine on your own during dengue. If the fever persists, go to the doctor immediately. Even if there is a slight cough, do not take any medicine on your own. One more thing to keep in mind that do not go to any quackery doctor, show it to the doctor only after thinking and get the right treatment. Otherwise a big incident can also happen.

Learn 20’s Formula
Let us tell you about the formula of 20 that according to experts, if the pulse rate increases by 20, the upper blood pressure decreases by 20, platelets remain less than 20 thousand, more than 20 grains are filled in one inch area in the body. So on seeing these symptoms, the patient should be immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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