Commercial Vehicle: 50 percent exemption on commercial vehicle tax will be available in this state, see update


Commercial Vehicle Tax Discount Maharashtra: Today good news is coming out for those who buy commercial vehicles. Maharashtra State Government has decided to give 50 percent exemption in tax on commercial vehicles.

what are the offers
Maharashtra government has accepted a proposal. In which how you will get this discount at the moment, it is not clear yet. In this, discount will be available on loading, tourist vehicle, service vehicle, school bus, camper etc. A decision in this regard was taken in the month of August during the cabinet meeting of the Government of Maharashtra, which has now been approved.

700 crores will cost
Let us tell you that 50 percent tax exemption will be given to vehicles that have paid full tax till March 31, 2020 till the last financial year. This exemption will be for the government from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. By giving this exemption, there will be an additional burden of Rs 700 crore on the state government.

Why took this decision
Once again, to lift the commercial vehicle market and to encourage business in the state, it has been decided to give this exemption. However, it has not been clarified that if this exemption is given in the tax of the previous financial year, then how will it be adjusted. At the same time, its adjustment will be in the coming tax. With this exemption, the government expects to see an increase in the sale of commercial vehicles.

thanked the government
Truck unions, auto unions and transport unions have thanked the government for this decision. He says that during the Corona period, there can be a lot of help in recovering from the recession in business. After this decision, the tax burden will be much less, which will prove beneficial in the coming time. Also, they will get some relief from the heavy tax on vehicles.

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