Cigarette smoking causes so much pollution, leave this addiction today itself


National Pollution Day: Living in a healthy environment is very important for all of us. Especially in today’s era, when due to pollution, not only human beings but also the lives of animals are in danger. In such a situation, it is our duty to protect the environment. But do you know that with some small things in your daily routine, you cause a lot of harm to the environment. So, today on National Pollution Control Day, we tell you 4 such things that you do without thinking, but they affect your health as well as the environment and increase pollution.


Yes, a cigarette not only harms your health but also harms the environment. This not only causes air pollution, but also when you throw away the lower part of it after smoking, it also takes years to decompose. In such a situation, this organism becomes the food of animals, and goes into their stomach, which harms them too. Not only this, the smoke coming out of cigarette can damage your respiratory tract, lungs, heart etc.

using diesel petrol vehicles

When you leave your home for work or for a walk with your family, have you ever wondered how much damage is being done to the environment? The smoke coming out of your vehicles pollutes the atmosphere and affects the respiratory system. In such a situation, try to use public transport instead of private vehicles and use electric vehicles or cycles instead of petrol diesel vehicles.

contaminating water bodies

Often we put the waste coming out of our house in the water bodies. But there are some of these things, which cause water pollution and also lead to the death of aquatic organisms living in water. Not only this, by putting contaminated things in water sources, the amount of oxygen in it also decreases.

wastage of electricity

Yes, often people use electricity in homes, but it is a sufficient means. In such a situation, you should use solar energy and install solar panels in your homes. So that we can avoid using artificial electricity.

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