Child eats food by looking at mobile while eating, so get rid of this dangerous habit


Parenting Tips: Every parent wants his child to be healthy. For this, he makes him consume every nutritious food. Many times children are reluctant to eat and drink, on which parents try to forcefully feed them. Many times the child does not eat food in anger, even if he eats, he leaves the plate after eating half. Often parents also complain that the child does not eat the entire meal and definitely leaves something in the plate. Due to this, the food is not only wasted, but also the nutrients present in the food are not available to the child completely.

Children’s diet should be good from childhood so that their mental and physical development can be done well. Along with this, children should get used to feeding all fruits, vegetables and other nutritious food since childhood. If you don’t do this, then the children become reluctant to eat and become angry and tough. If your child also leaves some food in the plate or does not finish the whole plate With these tips you can get rid of it. Huh. By adopting these, your child will fall in love with food and will finish the entire plate in no time.

make favorite food

If you want the child to finish the whole plate and not leave the food, then take care of his favorite food for this. While preparing breakfast-lunch or dinner, once ask the child what he wants to eat. While serving food, keep in mind that you should put as much food in the plate as the child can eat.

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Make roti in different shapes

Children get bored by eating the same type of roti or vegetable every day and due to this they do not eat food. In such a situation, you can make vegetables in different ways and bread in different shapes every day. If you are making parathas for breakfast in the morning, you can give them different shapes. You can add different spices or other things to the vegetables to change their taste.

put many things on the plate

Always include different types of foods in the child’s plate. You can keep all the three types of things sour, sweet and salty in food in different quantities. With this the child will taste all and finish the plate.

Try new dishes

By making a different dish every day, the child will get interested in eating it and he will be excited to eat it. You must have seen that small children are more curious about everything. He also answers many questions regarding food. By preparing a new dish every day, the child will make friends with food and will not leave food in the plate.

take care of the time

Many times children are not hungry but, parents forcefully ask them to eat, due to which they eat half the food and then leave the plate. If this does not happen, you must take care of the time. If the child is coming after playing, then feed him at this time because he must be hungry. With this, he will eat the whole food kept in the plate and there will be no wastage of food.

keep tv-mobile away

Many times TV and mobile phone are also the reason for leaving food in the plate. While watching TV or mobile, children do not understand how much nutritious food is kept in front of them in the plate. That’s why always keep distance from TV and mobile phone while eating food. Health experts also say that one should not watch TV while eating.

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