Chapped lips are not only due to cold, your diet is also responsible…


Lip Care in Winter: People often take the problem of chapped lips lightly. Many come out after applying cream. But know today that chapped lips can also mean upset stomach. By the way, as soon as winter starts, everyone’s skin becomes dry. One reason for this is that the air becomes dry in winter, which directly affects your skin. Everyone has a belief that if the lips are chapped then it is only due to cold, but your thinking like this cannot be said to be completely correct. In fact, when you drink less water or eat fried food during the winter season, it also affects your body completely.

Lips do not crack only due to cold

Often you must have noticed that you also have the habit of licking lips, but this can also be a major reason for chapped lips. Apart from this, you also need to pay attention to your food and drink. First of all, people who are fond of alcohol should also note that drinking can be one of the main reasons for chapped lips. Your lips are very sensitive, that’s why it is important for you to take care of them.

Know what will be the food right?

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Note that your face glows from your stomach and it directly makes a difference to your lips.
Eat green vegetables.
Drink plenty of water.
Stop eating too sour things.
Quit drinking alcohol.

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