Change your diet in the changing seasons, stay fit and away from diseases


How To Boost Immunity: Nowadays the weather is starting to cool down a bit. Mild cold starts from Shardiya Navratri. People also get more sick in the changing seasons. In this season, a little carelessness can lead to cold and fever. This season is anyway known for diseases and infections. After the rain, many types of infections start happening. It is better that you be alert about food and drink. You must make some changes in the diet according to the season. 

change your diet for the weather

Eat only hot food- Turmeric starts cooling down after rain. Therefore, in the changing season, you should eat only hot and fresh food. Consumption of cold things worsens the throat and there is a risk of cold.
Eat green vegetables- Eat green vegetables like amaranth, spinach, bottle gourd and Luffa in this season. Also include new vegetables of the season like green onions in the diet. Apart from this, you should also eat brinjal and tomato. 
Eat plenty of seasonal fruits- It is apple season. You should eat a lot of apples in this season. Apart from this, banana, guava, cilantro and papaya should be eaten. Fruits increase immunity and keep the body healthy.
Drink turmeric milk- You should drink turmeric milk daily at night. This brings warmth to the body and does not cause cold and flu. Immunity increases by drinking turmeric milk. It is good to drink turmeric milk especially in the changing season.
Use Chyawanprash and Ginger- Add ginger, basil and chawanprash to the food. You drink ginger basil tea and eat chawanprash with milk while sleeping at night. This will strengthen the immunity.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not endorse the methods, methods and claims described in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Please consult a doctor before following any such treatment/medication/diet.

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