Chanakya Niti: These three things of Chanakya save a person from bad times, take them in life


Chanakya Niti, Motivational Quotes in Hindi, Chanakya Niti For Motivation: Chanakya says that where there is happiness in success, there is learning in failure. Failure is the first step to success. According to Chanakya, there is no secret or formula to be successful. It is the result of a person’s preparation towards his goal, hard work and learning from failure.

The difference between the two is that success introduces a person to the world, while failure introduces you to the world. Chanakya has asked to learn those three things from failure which will lead you to success.

keep trying

Chanakya says that the person who changes his decisions due to fear of failure can never be successful. It is a bitter truth that the path to success passes through disappointment and failures. If you have failed in any work, do not get discouraged and keep trying.

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One should not stop until success is achieved, because the main reason for failure is lack of hard work somewhere. Chanakya says that failure is the spice that makes success tastier. The success that comes after hard work makes life worthwhile.

Ignore criticisms

Criticisms bring negative feelings in the mind. On getting failure, the round of criticisms starts, but Chanakya has told that it is better to hear the criticisms from one ear and remove them from the other ear. Ignore them and keep moving towards your goal regardless of people, because after being successful, those who used to criticize you till yesterday, will appear at the forefront of those who congratulate you on being successful.

introspection is the most important

Chanakya says that when success is not achieved even after hard work, instead of crying over it, introspect that where was the lack left. If you work on those shortcomings, next time success will knock on your door. It requires patience and confidence. These two would have been the biggest strength when bad times were going on. If you keep patience, you will be able to understand how to convert shortcomings into advantages.

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