Chanakya Niti: These 3 sorrows destroy happiness from a person’s life, it becomes difficult to live


Chanakya Niti: Happiness and sorrow are part of life. If there is sorrow, then there will also be happiness. Chanakya has shared his thoughts on a happy life in detail, but there are 3 such sorrows which make a person hollow. If you are faced with these sorrows, then the house ends with tears, a mountain of sorrows falls on the person. According to Chanakya, three incidents are a sign of misfortune. Let us know the biggest sorrow of human life.

suspicious spouse

There is no cure for doubt. Once thoughts of doubt arise in the mind, then life is ruined. Doubt used to dissolve poison in married life. Married life is like two wheels of a car, if one fails, it becomes difficult to move forward. In the same way, if the spouse is a woman or a man, if a feeling of doubt arises towards each other, then many lives become hell. Sometimes it comes to divorce.

widowed daughter

It is every father’s dream to marry a suitable groom and daughter in a good house. The departure of a daughter is a time of great distress for the father, but it is even more painful to see her as a widow than ever. This is such a misery that not only snatches the happiness of the daughter but also destroys the beauty of both the in-laws and the maternal home.

drunken son

Every parent wants their son to become an idealist, to progress a lot. Be the support of parents in old age, but when the son turns out to be useless, then there is no greater sorrow for the parents than this. According to Chanakya, the children may be one, but if they are capable and intelligent, then the parents will never have to live in an old age home.

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