Chanakya Niti: Mother Lakshmi gets pulled in such houses, remains blessed throughout her life


Chanakya Niti: With the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, it does not take even a moment for the poor, wealthy and rich to become poor. Whoever gets the blessings of Mother Lakshmi, his house becomes unique. Chanakya has told through a verse in Ethics that at which places Maa Lakshmi gets pulled. There is no dearth of prosperity in these houses. The people of such a house never have to face poverty. Let us know which are the houses where Mother Lakshmi resides forever.

Foolish: yatra na pujyante dhanyam yatra susanchitam.

Married: kalho nasti tatra sri svayamgata.

no respect for fools

The words of fools have no value. Mother Lakshmi resides in a house where no attention is given to the words of fools. Chanakya says that those who believe in fools or their absurd words and pave the way for their goals, they can never get success. To get success, take the advice of a learned person and not a fool. Goddess Lakshmi is very happy on the person who achieves his goal by following the right path.


Chanakya says that in the houses where food grains never run out in the kitchen, there remains the grace of Mother Annapurna and Goddess Lakshmi. Keep working hard to keep your food stock full. Never let there be a shortage of grains. Also don’t disrespect food. On doing this, Mother Lakshmi gets angry and even a rich person becomes a pauper. are deprived of wealth.

love in family

Unity in the family is a sign of prosperity. Where mutual love and brotherhood remains in the family, Mother Lakshmi is drawn there. There is never a shortage of money in these houses, as well as prosperity remains. If there is a feeling of love between the members of the house, husband and wife, then there will never be any trouble. There is a lot of progress in such a house.

Chanakya Niti: Those who believe in these 2 things are left behind, success slips away

Chanakya Niti: Never leave the side of these 3 people, no one is stronger than them in trouble

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