Big news came regarding DA arrears of 18 months, the government gave this statement in the Parliament


7th Pay Commission Latest News: The issue of 18 months arrears of central employees and pensioners again came up in the Rajya Sabha today. During the question hour, once again a question was asked regarding the release of pending pensions from the government. The government had to give an explanation in the House as to why the arrears of the central employees and pensioners for 18 months have not been given.

Government told the reason for not giving arrears

Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary said that the decision to stop the three installments of dearness allowance and dearness relief to central employees and pensioners was taken in view of the economic situation arising out of the corona pandemic as the government had to make provision of huge funds for welfare schemes . The Minister of State for Finance said in the House that due to the financial burden, DA arrears of 18 months have not been released to central employees and pensioners.

No arrears due to financial impact

In response to a question regarding the release of arrears of pensioners, Minister of State Pankaj Chowdhary told the House that due to the economic situation arising out of the Corona epidemic in 2020 and the welfare measures taken by the government, its financial impact will be felt in the financial year 2020-21. The arrears of dearness allowance to the central employees and dearness relief to the pensioners have not been released.

Demand for arrears of employee-pensioner

At present, 38 percent dearness allowance is being given to central employees. The last dearness allowance was increased in September 2022. But the central employees are waiting for arrears of 18 months. Government employees and pensioners have been continuously demanding payment of DA arrears for 18 months between January 2020 and June 2021 from the government. Organizations associated with employees and pensioners have also submitted a memorandum to the government regarding this demand.

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Employees union adamant on arrears demand

However, the government has told why the arrears of 18 months have not been paid. But the government did not tell whether the government will consider it further or not. However, the employees unions are adamant about the demand for DA arrears of 18 months. He says that despite not increasing the DA Hike, he kept working by risking his life during the Corona period.

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