Back combing makes thin hair look thick, so to avoid baldness, definitely know this thing


How Backcombing Affects Your Hair: Backcombing is most commonly used in the winter season to make the hair appear thicker. Because due to the cold winds, the hair gets dry quickly and starts looking lifeless. Along with this, sleeping in quilts and blankets also increases dryness in the hair. Because their fibers also absorb the moisture of the hair. In such a situation, back combing is the easiest way to make the hair look thick. Means combing your hair upside down. By doing this the hair appears fuller and you get a good look. But doing this can reduce the hair on your head, know why …

Disadvantages of Back Combing

  • Combing the hair upside down gives a fuller look to the hair because the hair cuticle rises slightly. But when you repeatedly comb your hair upside down and do this every day, it weakens the hair roots and increases hair fall.
  • Because by frequent back combing, the follicles of the skin of your head, in which the hair roots are firmly attached, become loose and this increases hair fall. If you do not stop backcombing, the gap between the hairs starts increasing rapidly and the hair becomes lighter.

Why does backcombing damage hair? (Cause of Hair Damage)

  • The hair texture is not meant for back combing. That’s why when you go against the nature of the hair and do backcombing, then knots start forming very quickly in the hair, which becomes the reason for hair breakage or damage.
  • Along with this, the problem of split ends in the hair also increases due to the knots formed by backcombing, which badly affects hair growth.
  • Back combing also causes Traction Alopecia. That is, such baldness which has developed due to excessive stretch in the hair. That’s why backcombing is sometimes fine for hairstyling but you should not make it a part of daily life.

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