Arthritis pain increases in cold, get rid of this problem


Arthritis Pain In Winter: The winter season is very difficult for those who have arthritis. Actually, joint pain increases from old to old in the winter season. From joint pain to swelling, many types of problems have to be faced in the winter season. From having difficulty in walking, many types of problems are also felt in many parts of the body. So if you are also a patient of arthritis and do not want to let your pain increase, then this news is for you. Today we are going to tell you some very easy ways by which you can get rid of your arthritis pain.

These tips will give you relief in the winter season

1. Keep the body warm

You can get rid of this pain by keeping your body warm in winter. Keep your hands and feet covered with woolen clothes. While going out, wear clothes that cover your knees and take a bath with hot water.

2. Exercise

Sitting at one place only increases the pain in the body and also slows down the blood circulation. If your body keeps on moving then it will reduce your pain and make you feel energetic. For this, if you want, you can also do gymming.

3. Healthy Diet

Consume nutritious things in your food. Eat such things which are rich in antiinflammatory properties. You can consume things like tomato, berries, avocado, grapes to reduce the pain.

4. Massage

Massage opens our muscles and accelerates our blood circulation. If you want relief from pain, then massage your knees or painful areas with hot oil. This will improve your blood circulation and you will also get rest.

5. Maintain Weight

Obesity can cause arthritis. Maintain your weight. If you maintain your weight, then there will not be much pressure on your joints due to which you will not feel much pain.

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