Apple explodes, unveils new MacBook Air


WWDC 2023 Event: Apple removed the curtain from the new MacBook Air after a long wait. This macbook is 15 inches. Its battery life will be up to 18 hours. Many improvements have been made in terms of its performance. The company is claiming that its display is 25 percent brighter and the battery life is 50 percent longer. Also it is 40 percent thinner.

Talking about the price of the new MacBook, its price will start from $ 1,299 (ie about 1.07 lakh Indian rupees). The new MacBook is going to come in 3 variants.

MacBook Air Features-

Will be 11.5mm thin.
Will weigh 3.3 pounds.
There will be a 15.3-inch display.
Brightness of 500 nits will be available.
There will be 1080P camera.
6 speakers for great sound quality.
M2 processor is present.


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