Apart from the supply of nutrients, what other benefits does breastfeeding give to the baby?


Breast Feeding importance: It is known to all that after birth the child drinks his mother’s milk, this process of breastfeeding the child is called breast feeding. About why mother’s milk is necessary for the child, most people believe that it keeps the child’s health good and gives him the necessary nutrition. All these things are completely correct. But apart from being healthy, this mother’s milk strengthens the child in many ways and keeps him safe. This is what is being told here…

Increase immunity of child

Mother’s milk fills and nourishes the baby. But at the same time its immunity power also increases. So that after the baby comes out of the womb, all the bacteria present in this environment can fight the virus and keep itself safe. The environment inside the womb is completely safe for the baby and the baby’s body has become accustomed to that comfort zone. In such a situation, mother’s milk gives her the strength to live in the outside environment.

increase the sense of security

Every child has a different connection with his mother and we all experience this connection. The reason for this is that the child has got birth from the mother and has been in the mother’s womb for nine months. But at the same time there is also this reason that when the child only understands the feeling, then he feels more secure with the mother and the role of mother’s milk is important in this. Because after coming out of the womb, the child feels most safe only when he comes in the mother’s lap and drinks milk. Milk is making her inner self strong and mother’s milk is giving her a sense of security.

build emotional bonds
Breast feeding largely goes to the credit of strengthening the emotional bond of the child with the mother. The security that every child experiences in childhood, when he is only understanding the feeling, then later on this feeling is recorded in his sub-conscious brain. For this reason, every person experiences a different kind of connection with the mother as compared to other people.

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