after how many days after caesarean delivery excision can start


Exercise After C Section: Pregnancy is such a feeling in the life of women which is very lovely. During pregnancy, women have to go through many physical changes. Pain, weakness in the body are many such things which have a great effect on the body as well. On the other hand, when delivery takes place during pregnancy, due to some problems, many women have to do C-section i.e. Caesarean operation. When this operation takes place, it is a bit difficult to bring the body back in shape like before. In such a situation, some women start exercising only after a few days. But let us tell you that there is a lot of difference between normal delivery and C-section. Let us tell you that after how many days after cesarean delivery you can start excision…

after how many days after cesarean delivery can start excise

After becoming a mother, there are many changes in the body of women. The texture of the body also becomes different, in such a situation, women feel very much inclined to have the same body as before. In such a situation, women who still have this confusion whether they can do an excise after C-section or not. So let us tell you that you can do yoga after C-section but when, it depends on how quickly your body is recovering after the operation. No exercise should be done for 3 months after C-section, because your body becomes a little weak after the operation. That’s why it is important that first of all you should take care of your health and only then start exercising.

Keep these things in mind while doing yoga

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Even if you have had a normal delivery, start exercising only after seeing the improvement in your health. Talking about C-section, it is a major operation, in which the muscles are cut, in which a lot of blood flows out of the body. That’s why after this operation start the excise only when the wound is completely healed and the stitches are dissolved. Keep in mind that the recovery time of all women is different. It is important that if you have had a C-section, you should consult your doctor before starting yoga. Doctors give you the right advice only after checking the physical condition and flexibility in the muscles. If the doctor advises you to exercise, then you can start exercise after that. Let us tell you that doing yoga after C-section has many benefits. This tones the muscles and also gives strength.

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