A lean body can drop the confident level, eating banana in this way will make the body shapely


Weight Gain Tips: A lean slender body affects our confidence level. In such a situation, it is very important to make the body shapely. If your body is very weak and lean-know, then for this you need to pay attention to your diet. Especially you should include such fruits in your diet, which can make the body fat. Banana comes at number-1 among such fruits. Yes, with the help of banana you can make the body shapely. However, it is necessary to eat it in the right way. Let’s know how to eat banana to make lean body fat?

eat 2 bananas after workout

To gain weight in a healthy way, eat 2 bananas after a workout. This will increase your weight fast. Along with this, the development of muscles also takes place in a better way. So try to eat 2 bananas after the workout.

eat banana for breakfast

If your body is very lean, then include banana in breakfast for this. Often many people eat bananas at night to gain weight, but it can harm your body. So try to eat banana in breakfast. You can eat banana in many ways in breakfast. However, the option of milk and banana may be best for you.

Include curd and banana in lunch

To make the body shapely, take curd and banana in lunch. This will increase your metabolic rate, which will make it easier to digest food. To eat curd banana, prepare its puree by blending curd and banana. After this mix cinnamon powder and cardamom powder in it.

eat banana in snacks

Eat banana in snacks to gain weight. For this, you can prepare almond, banana and honey smoothie at home. With this, your body will get plenty of protein, which can increase weight in a healthy way. Along with this, the muscles can also get stronger.

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