25 paise share made investors millionaires, got rich in this time!


Stock Market: There are many such stocks in the stock market, which have given huge returns to the investors in a short span of time. These stocks have converted thousands and lakhs of rupees into crores. One such stock is of Caplin Point Lab, which converted only Rs 3,500 of investors into Rs 1 crore. Although the situation of selling has been going on for some time, but people who have been invested for a long time have got good returns.

In less than 20 years, this share of Caplin Point Lab Company has converted into Rs 3.5 thousand crores. Although it has been under selling pressure for some time now, it has made investors rich in the long term. On Monday, the stock closed at Rs 724.05 per share, down 0.39 per cent.

Shares were once priced at 25 paise

Caplin Point Lab’s stock has given tremendous returns in a few years. On February 21, 2003, the shares of this company were available at just 25 paise. Now it is trading 2900 times at Rs 724.05. In such a calculation, it has converted Rs 3500 to Rs 1.02 crore during a period of 19 years.

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Shares were at high level in January

In the year 2022, on January 6, it reached a one-year record level of Rs 888.45. However, after that it showed selling pressure and fell by 30 per cent to Rs 626.30 by May 11, 2022. Now this stock has recovered to some extent. The stock has given a return of 14.22 per cent during six months, while it has declined 17.01 per cent during YTD. On Friday, December 16, it closed at Rs 726.85. The market cap of the company is currently 54.95 billion.

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